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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  March 30, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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a misdemeanor. that does it for now. thanks very much for watching. time right now for "cnn tonight" with my colleague don lemon. there has never been a candidate like donald trump. listen to this. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no, as a principle? >> the answer is there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah, there has to be some form. >> this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. since donald trump said that, he put out a statement it's doctors that should be punished, not women. is the gop front-runner making it up as he dgoes along. >> this is not something you can dodge. if you say a borbortion is crim
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is murder, should women be punished? >> people in certain parts of the republican party would say yes. >> how about you? >> i would say it's a very serious problem. >> you say you want to ban it. how do you ban abortion? how do you actually do it in. >> you'll go back to a position like they had where people will perhaps go to illegal places -- >> yeah. >> but you have to ban it. >> you ban it. they go to somebody who flunked out of medical school. >> do you believe there n punishment? >> the answer is there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yes. >> what kind of punishment is this. >> i don't know. >> he says women who have abortions should be subjected to
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some form of punishment and they puts out a statement saying this: "if congress were to pass legislation making abortion illegal and the federal courts upheld the legislation or any state with permitted to ban i borgs under state and federal law, the doctor or any other person per torming this illegal act upon a woman would be held legal i responsible, not the woman. like rake reagan, i am pro-life and exception. >> how listen to what he said about nato last night. >> let me tell you, nato is obsolete. it is many countries, it doesn't cover terrorism. it covers the soviet union, which is no longer in existence. and the other thing that's bad about nato, we're paying too much. >> way too far for a lot of people, including one republican congressman. >> for donald trump to say this
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blew me away. i had to confirm it for myself because i couldn't believe it. it's one thing to say the allies need to spend more on defense but at a time when you have russia tearing up ukraine, occupying a third of georgia, really from the latvia, estonia, lithuania countries, this is not a time to send a message we need to back out of nato. >> and what about nuclear weapon? >> you have no problem with japan and north korea having nuclear weapons? >> at some point we have to say we're better off if -- >> south korea? >> absolutely. >> you'd be fine with them having nuclear weapons? >> not nuclear weapons. they have to pay us or protect themselves. >> if you say it's fine to japan
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and saudi arabia says we want them, too. >> can i be honest with you? it's going to happen anyway. it's only a question of time. they're going to start having them or we have to get rid of them entirely. >> experts absolutely blasting trump on that. listen to what one of them says to our own pamela brown. >> every president has tried to stop them from getting nuclear weapons. no exception. >> good evening, gloria. there's only one way to describe mr. trump's comments on abortion. it's a bombshell. should be we surprised when he's made seemingly outlandish statements on issues before is this. >> people who support donald trump aren't supporting him because they believe in him.
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they're supporting him because they believe he is strong, number one. number two, donald trump clearly and you saw in the town hall last night answerd i think you in that clip on msnbc, there is a sort of stream of consciousness when it comes to policy on donald trump. his view on abortion, he say now that he is pro-life. he said it's the deeply held beliefs of some conservatives that the woman should be punished. that is not the case. conservatives believe that the woman should not be punished, they believe the doctor should be punished. it kind of ironic here. i think donald trump was trying to appeal to conservatives in the party who are pro-life and he ended up alienating they
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within a nano second they were out there with press releases saying this is not what we believe. >> does this validate the base saying donald trump isn't a real republican, he doesn't know what the platform is. >> no. hillary clinton -- >> hugh, this is not about hillary clinton. >> no, but it's about the campaign. >> we're going to talk about that. >> i am. >> that's my next question. can we keep it about donald trump? >> i am. >> it doesn't bolster the republican side of the party -- >> hugh, let's stick to departmedonald trump and then we'll get to the hillary clinton part it have?
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>> don, you can't separate donald from hillary clinton. >> hugh, donald trump's comments are donald trump east comments. hillary clinton's comments are hillary clinton's comments. >> so you don't believe it bolsters -- >> that is unfair to donald trump. >> that's not unfair to donald trump. >> hugh, i'm not going to that. >> the idea that a presidential campaign can be reduced to sound bites on an issue as important as life -- >> i'm going bring up hillary clinton. you're moving ahead in the textbook p textbook. i wanted your response on donald trump. >> it goes this way. hillary clinton is playing this like a violin because the media abets her in doing so. >> hillary clinton is playing this like a violin because
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donald trump made the statement. the conservatives were the ones who jumped on it before hillary clinton and you're bringing hillary clinton into it. why can't you stick to the conservative side and then we'll get to hillary clinton? >> don, i'm going to stand my ground here. i'm not going to be pushed around on this because the answer is hillary. donald trump hurt himself last night because he showed in a debate with hillary clinton he's not as prepared as other candidates to answer either liberal media advocates like chris matthews or even nonpartisan advocates like you. hillary jumped on him like that even though she's never gone in harm's way of a serious question. does the conservative base then say, hmm, even if i like donald trump he's going to get ground up because hillary will hit him every time he makes a statement? >> so donald trump's comments
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are hillary clinton's fault? >> i think hugh is right in the sense that hillary clinton has pivoted smartly, i think, to the general election. and she spoke with anderson cooper tonight about this and said that, you know, all republicans agree with donald trump. and she is trying to lump every republican in with donald trump on every single issue, not just simply this particular issue. and i think if i were a democratic candidate running for office, i would take advantage of it, too. the problem the republican party has right now is they've got three people running and they're in a very divisive battle and they can't take aim at the democrats right now because they're in a circular firing squad. >> let's listen to what hillary clinton said when she called into anderson cooper about the
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abortion comment. >> the choice is really clear. the republicans all line up together. now, maybe they aren't quite as open about it as donald trump was earlier today, but they all have the same position. if you make abortion a crime, you make it illegal, then you make women and doctors criminals. >> there up go, gloria. >> the two other republican candidates came out very quickly and disagreed with donald trump on the question whether women should be punished. so if that's hillary clinton is referring to, then she's not right. the other candidates are pro-life. and she is correct on that. but the republican candidates have not had any problem in disagreeing with donald trump on this question or on other questions such as nato, which is a clip you ran earlier. i think john kasich said that trump was absurd on that. i'm not sure if that's the
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direct quote from our town hall. but republican candidates aren't lining up behind donald trump on issue after issue. is there the first person i saw that came out with statement was ted cruz. it says once again donald trump has demonstrated he hasn't seriously thought through the issue and he'll say anything just to get attention on the important issue of the sanctity of life. being pro-life is not simply about the unborn child, it's also about the mother and creating a culture that respects her and embraces life. of course we shouldn't be talking about punishing women. we should confirm their dignity and the incredible gift they have to bring life into the world. hugh, he's saying the same thing that hillary clinton is say, that donald trump has given ammunition to the republicans in his party who do not like him and to hillary clinton, to the democratic side. that's my point here. but he is responsible for his
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own statements. ted cruz is not responsible for his statements. and hillary clinton is not responsible for donald trump's statements. >> she is responsible for misrepresenting the pro-life movement. it's simply a fabrication and a lie to say everyone agrees with donald trump before he walked his statement back. can you go to the archbishop of philadelphia, there is not one that will agree with what donald trump said last night, which is why he walked it back. hillary clinton called into anderson, lied about what -- she won't even debate bernie sanders. while the national media is dumping down on donald trump, they won't even address hillary clinton. >> does he fundamentally not
7:13 pm
understand what pro-life is about because he was originally pro-choice? >> he does not fundamentally understand yet how aggressively left wing the national news media is and how someone like chris matthews, who is very practiced and very skilled will use opportunities like that not in good faith to explore what he in good faith believes but to embarrass and taunt him and hillary is smart enough never to go near someone who is skilled enough to ask her, for example, you called on corey lewandowski to resign, are you going to call on huma abedin to resign? >> when i get to hillary clinton, if i feel that question is warranted, i will ask her that. mr. trump said controversial statements about nuclear weapons. >> i would never take any of my cards off the table. >> how about europe? >> i won't take my cards off --
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>> you might use nuclear weapons off the table? >> no. >> then take it off the table. >> the sane people hear you and the insane people are not affected by your statements. >> i think they're more affected than you might think. >> okay, your call. >> does he know enough about the issue to be president or is this another clever question by chris matthews, who is trying to trip him up? >> absolutely in the latter category. go ahead, gloria. i'm sorry. >> journalists have different styles. chris was very aggressive in questioning him. i think anderson was aggressive as well. as people begin to look at a candidate like donald trump, here talks about how he's against nuclear proliferation but he wanted japan and south korea to potentially have a nuke, right? and i think that people are
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starting to raise questions about whether these ideas are thought through, whether donald trump needs to sort of huddle with some senior policy advisers and try and talk about the policy that he think he's believes because they're very complex and he hasn't been on this stage before and, you know, as people start to make ai ia decision about commander in chief, they start raising these kind of questions as you go into the later primaries. and i think one of the reasons that donald trump has not been able to consolidate his support the way you see a front-runner of his status, and he is a clear front-runner, consolidate support towards later primaries is because there are these lingering questions about what he believes and what he knows. and i think the commander in
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people on both sides of the abortion debate are up in arms about his comments about punishing women who have illegal abortions, even though he walked that back. >> kellyann conway is from the super pac supporting ted cruz. kayleigh mcenany, i want to start with you. >> should the woman be punished for having an abortion. if you say abortion is a crime or is murder, you have to deal with it under the law. should abortion be punished? >> people in certain parts of the republican party or conservative parts would say yes, they should be punished. >> how about you? >> i would say it's a very serious problem and it's a problem we have to decide on. >> you're for banning it. >> are you going to say put them
7:21 pm
in jail? >> the answer is there has to be some form of punishment. >> ten minutes or ten years? >> i don't know. >> you take positions on everything else. >> i do take positions on everything else. >> so donald trump clarifying saying it's the doctor that should be punished. did he mean what he said at 3 chalk or wh 3:00 or a couple of hours later? >> when you are on tv for hours and hours on end, you will say things, will you make mistakes. get what, we're all fallible, we're human beings. but the reaction on the part of the media any time he stumbles and furthermore the specific effort on the part of chris matthews to get him to say something wrong, he asked the question four or five times until he got donald trump to say what he wanted. that is how you get card board
7:22 pm
cookie cutter candidates like hillary clinton, who refuse and stonewall media for the first five months of her campaign granting just two national television interviews, that is what makes a cardboard candidate, who makes the media who is going to vociferously come after you. i think that needs to change or you're going to get candidates who are afraid to come on national television. >> margaret, you've been on national television a lot. sometimes you can't get out from your own words if you come on and you're tired. i will give her that. that's a fair response. >> kayleigh understands the first amendment. we have a free press for a reason. you need a free and vigorous and thoughtful and dogged press to go after candidates for
7:23 pm
transparency. that's what the whole point is. how else do we hold our elected leaders accountable if there is not transparency. if you're not a sophisticated candidate and you can't answer questions from the press, maybe you shouldn't be able to be president of the state. he's a strong man, donald trump. he should be able to take on chris matthews. >> and nobody is going to throw any candidate soft balls. >> look at anderson cooper. he was tough but never rude. if you want to be commander in chief, president of the free world, you're going to be asked tough questions. tho those pro-life causes don't need four, five times to get it right. they need one time to get it right. if you're a pro-lifer, there are two victims, the woman and her
7:24 pm
unborn child. they are of a single mind. and many of them feel that their work over many decades was upeneded. it's disingenuous to say this is how they all feel n. let's be honest, kayleigh. mr. trump has gotten $2 billion worth of free media questions. if you live by the media questions, sometimes up have to die by the media questions and today is just not a good day for the home team. >> sometimes you have to remove the pro-choices and hillary can now demagogue the issue telling people that not only do republicans want to force you into a dark alley, but they also want to put vulnerable women in jail, too. so this is the point i was
7:25 pm
trying to make with hugh. has he handed hillary clinton a gift here? are we going to start seeing this in ads now? >> absolutely. look, liberals and democrats want nothing more than to run this war on women campaign. we've seen this a couple of election cycles now. donald trump has handed hillary clinton a cudgel. it's so obvious, it's exactly what any smart politician would do. kudos to hillary in terms of -- i think it's despicable in terms of the demagoguery, but in terms of being an aggressive politician in terms of calling in, that's what you do. donald trump is not ready for primetime.
7:26 pm
he's a smart guy, a quick guy, hasn't how the through these issues. he's susceptible to this. there's going to be collateral damage in hurts the cause of the pro-life movement and it's going to hurt other candidate, too. >> it's not just the media, it not just hillary clinton, it not just democrats, republicans are going at him, too. this is from the party of ted cruz "don't overthink it: trump doesn't understand the pro-life position. >> if the bulls eye wasn't on donald trump, we would be talking about cruz's proposal to send patrols into muslim nake .
7:27 pm
neighborhoods. cruz is putting his target on trump. but he needs to be careful. if trump was out of this, the media target would be on cruz. so i wish he would be on one team on this issue rather than going after trump on this. >> everyone stay with me. will this controversy hurt donald trump at the polls, especially with women? we'll talk about that next. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean,
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>> donald trump is dominating headlines once again. but is it different this time? ka kayleigh, you saw the latest poll. it has not been the greatest week for donald trump. let's say he's under fire for his foreign policy positions. his campaign manager under arrest. now this. do you think that he's going o overcome this and he's going to be able to make up some ground in wisconsin? he's not used to fighting back from behind in this campaign. >> yeah, you know, he might lose wisconsin. we'll see. i certainly hope not.
7:32 pm
but he very well might. that being said, i think when you look forward past wisconsin, losing wisconsin with not be good, but you look at new york and new jersey, these are not states that senator cruz is poised to do well in. even if he were to win wisconsin, which he very well might not, he's not poised to do well going forward. >> we've been hearing this since iowa, right before the iowa caucus. folks, deal with it. senator cruz has great chance of being the republican nominee. he can either win outright because the trump versus non-trump part is the growth opportunity. that's the one that's increasing now. look at the polls. mr. trump has had this backward attrition in his favorable
7:33 pm
rating among suburban women, married republican women, 71% of all women have an unfavorable opinion of him. if he's the nominee, i hope he can turn it around. until then he's sliding backwards. always deflecting as to the other candidates that just can't do well because states geographically don't look that way. recognize if mr. trump has never gotten over 50% in any contest, only ted cruz has, if he can't get over 50% in a two and a half person race, we have a real contest. who is going to give him an extra extradelegate when he gets to cleveland. >> wisconsin is the last stand, isn't it? >> i don't know that it's the last stand. donald trump either gets 1,237 delegates or he doesn't. wisconsin could very well be the
7:34 pm
difference. if trump wins wisconsin, he probably gets 1,237. if he loses wisconsin, he probably doesn't. it a big deal on tuesday. >> there's been an extraordinary amount of outside money to come together, this wisconsin is a test state. finally everybody is not just -- there's united and cohesive group to try to derail trump. >> i want to play more of trump's interview with chris matthews. listen. >> are you going to be teddy roosevelt in? 1912 he didn't get the nomination. he walked out, split the party, beat the republican party in november but lost the general to wilson. >> i can't tell you what i'm going to do yet because i'm not sure i know. i hope they're going to be fair. if they're going to be fair, they're going to be very happy.
7:35 pm
how can they give up on -- >> because they don't like you. >> they haven't stuck to the pledge. i don't want an endorsement from somebody that doesn't feel like, oh, i love trump, if he win, he's going to be the guy. if they asked me about cruz, i said no, no, put no pressure on cruz, tell him he doesn't have to endorse me, please don't endorse me. >> does anybody here think we could see the teddy across vero scenario if he doesn't win wisconsin? >> he doesn't have enough voters to go beat the republican party in november. what he does is have enough to make sure hillary clinton win bus that might be happening
7:36 pm
anyway. >>. >> go ahead, kayleigh mcenany. >> i was just going to say i think what trump said is exactly right. we have to see how this plays out. reince priebus said something really interesting yesterday. he said a plurality is a minority and a minority doesn't decide for the majority. he's meaning if he gets shy of 1,237, it's still a minority and that can't decide for the majority party. what should decide? should it be one minority? 8 million voters? or should it be a minority of delegates who are unelected in a smoke-filled room deciding who gets the room? >> there's no smoking in that convention center, i've been there. seriously, kayleigh, the rules are the rules. now you're trying to rewrite the rules. i think what the trump campaign
7:37 pm
needs to do now is what the cruz forces are doing now, trying to pick off delegates now. this is where the lack of infrastructure really hurts. i think the reason cruz is ahead of trump by 10 points and by kasich by even more. >> go ahead. >> there are a lot of things that are not fair. there's an electorate college. al good morning won the popular vote but he did not become president because of the electoral college.
7:38 pm
it might not seem fair but this is how it works. >> and some people are still smarting over that. >> coming up, donald trump stands by campaign manager corey lewandowski after he is charged with battery over a female reporter but how will the justice system view the case? the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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donald trump says he won't fire campaign manager corey lewandowski, who has been charged with simple battery of reporter michelle fields. lisa, you first. michelle fields has been consistent with her story. would you take her case? >> oh, absolutely. you mean, if i were on the civil side or prosecutorial side. we have a victim who has told a consistent story. we have a videotape that corroborates her story. we have an independent witness, "the washington post" reporter who corroborates her story and on the other side we have corey lewandowski and donald trump who
7:43 pm
have told multiple conflicting stories. i think this is a slam dunk for her side. >> mark, do you feel she has a legitimate case here? >> no, she has no case here. there are prosecutors across america that are laughing at this right now. there is never going to be a conviction. the worst that will ever happen to him is pretrial diversion. my guess is sober minds will prevail. this case but for presidential politics, it's a joke. contrary to what lisa says. the problem is the secret service is going to back um corey and trump and they're going to say she was reaching and they were batting away. >> they might say that but we have a videotape. so we don't have to speculate as to what might have happened. we can see that she's not reaching for him and at most she has a very dangerous weapon in her hand, a pen. perhaps that's a pen bomb that's about to explode, as donald
7:44 pm
trump. the pen is mightier than the sword but i don't think that's a dangerous weapon. >> it really doesn't matter. >> if you're traveling and you're that close, the secret service has already vetted you. they do allow reporters to have writing instruments. otherwise they can't do their job. >> because they're reporters. >> that's not the issue, don. the issue is when she's reaching for him, which is what the video shows, he's got a right to push away. the pen is meaningless, number one. number two, the secret service has already backed up his position here, and, number three, the video is completely contradicts her original statement, which was she was being pulled to the ground, she almost fell down, this or that. >> it's not this or that. she gave a very -- >> lisa wants to make this into a bigger deal. >> no. mark, if i may -- >> i talked to ten prosecutors today. they all laughed and said this
7:45 pm
is never going to get prosecuted. >> you already said people laughed but the law enforcement actually reviewed the record and arrested and charged him. why? because she didn't say this or that. she made a very clear statement. she didn't say i fell to the ground. she said i almost lost my balance. that's what she said. that's not an overstatement. she's got a bruise on her arm. listen, trump and corey lewandowski have come out as they always do with women and try to demean them and call them delusional and when they that an doesn't work, they go to plan b and say someone else attacked her. >> lisa, whenever anything happens, you always take refuge in that it's an anti-woman -- >> every day donald trump makes an anti-woman statement, including today. is there i'm not a donald trump
7:46 pm
supporter. 35 years of experience, there's nobody who is going to convict this guy based on that tape. >> the reason i bring up the tape is because it was a writing instumt arument because it was writing instrument. >> she didn't grab him, though. that's an important distinction. >> what if he says she did. >> there's a videotape. >> in a crowded press conference, is there a scenario that would justify lewandowski -- first of all, you have a pen right now and i don't feel the least bit threatened. this is a press conference. reporters are insigvited to com. she walked alongside and she asked him a question about affirmative action, which he didn't like. if he was threatened, he was surrounded by secret service. none of them jumped in to
7:47 pm
protect donald trump. that's very telling -- >> that's not true. >> it is true because there is a videotape. you show me where secret service jumped in and got involved in what happened. >> they're going to enhance the tape, they're going to show the tape. this is such a joke. the mother of the prosecutor hasn't been born that would ever pursue this case. i don't know what was going through their mind when think-ththiney filed this, that shows just as much the reporter reaching for trump's arm or elbow as it does the campaign manager pushing it off. if he's -- if she's reaching for his elbow, he's got an absolute right to push her off. >> everybody stand by. we're going to continue this conversation. i'll let you respond, lisa, when we come right back. >> okay.
7:48 pm
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back with me now, mark geragos and lisa bloom. >> this is not the worst case in
7:52 pm
the world. that's why we have felonies and misdemeanors. it remarkable people will say what if this, what if that? we have a videotape. that's what the police found to be most incriminating. that's why they brought this charge. >> can we move along? the comments about trump punishing woman for abortion, why are people so owe funded by this notion of punishing women for an illegal abortion? >> what are we going to do, round up a million women and put them in jail for making a poor choice? even though pro-life don't advocate such a thing. that's why i talk about the war on women. donald trump is so willing to go after women, women like megyn kelly or rosie o'donnell or
7:53 pm
michelle field. now to make a statement like that i think is rather shocking. >> mark, donald trump walked back his words and said he would punish the doctor, not the women, if this law is broken. is that unreasonable? >> well, what it is is a throwback to the 50s and 60s. when i was growing up as a youngster, my father was a prosecutor here in los angeles, and they used to prosecute the women and the doctor and usually what they did is they'd give a deal to the woman to testify against the doctor to convict the doctor and send the doctor to state prison. i thought we'd moved past that in 2016. it's really somewhat astonishing that people would say we want to criminalize. i think what even all the most right-wing republican who is anti-abortion is arguing that it should not be a federal law, it should be left to the states.
7:54 pm
the idea now of criminalizing this or going back to what we were doing 40 and 50 years ago is just astonishing to me. i don't understand it. >> here's something that mark and i agree on. >> listen, i want to talk about something that happened at a trump rally yesterday. a 15-year-old girl said she was groped by a man before she punched him. then she was pepper sprayed after the man allegedly put his hands on her breasts. the incident was caught on camera. let's watch. >> he touched my breast. he touched my breast. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> wow, mark, what do you make of this video?
7:55 pm
>> well, to me it seems like more is going on there than there was in the previous video with trump's campaign manager. >> who is at fault here? >> any individual who throws a punch is at fault. clearly trump said he would pay the legal fees of anyone who took an action like that. he's constantly using this violent rhetoric. it shouldn't be surprises his supporters are constantly engaging in acts of violence. >> mark, where does the blame lie? >> i think there's notion of responsibility. i don't care if you get riled up. just because i go out and see batman versus superman doesn't mean it i go outside the theater and punch somebody that we're going to go arrest the producer
7:56 pm
or the director. i would not go that far. i think that's a stretch. i understand this argument that's being made about trump. the problem with that is you could make the same argument about democrats going back to 1968 and the convention there is. so, you know, it's a very difficult situation when you want to reverse engineer the liability and place it on somebody else for words beep . we do have a first amendment. >> i used to watch "super friends" every weekend and try to fly afterwards and it never worked. >> lisa bloom and mark geragos, i appreciate it. when we come back, the conservative a war on donald trump. why glen beck says the candidate is winging the entire campaign. bend me shape me, any way you want me
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just when you think have you seen it all from donald trump, this is "c nn tonight," i'm don lemon. he told msnbc that abortion should be banned and


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